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Posted by @lexiecahl2, Jan 9, 2012

In January 2007 I had a work accident causing severe pain to my lower abdominal and genital area. I was sent the company doctor and because of the injury I was immediate sent to a surgeon for treatment. I was diagnosed with a hernia and immediate surgery was advised. Before surgery was scheduled I was diagnosed with a bilateral hernia. The second diagnosis caused a problem with my company WC coverage inasmuch as they refused to accept the second diagnosis. My surgery was delayed for two months.

After surgery I was having severe pain associated with the surgical area and in my genital area. I than underwent pain management treatment for months.

I was having problems with intimate relations therefore I abstained from sex. It was almost a year later that I noticed my penis curvature. My primary doctor referred me to a specialist who diagnosed it as Peyronies. After months of injections I finally was advised to have a penile prosthetic implant.

It was just after my surgery I found information from the Mayo’s Clinic that indicated that Peyronies can be related to an injury.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation and how did you manage. I am currently having a problem getting the insurance carrier to pay for my treatment. This due to the fact that no doctor will state for the record there is a “causal relationship” due to my previous work injury.

I need help.



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Posted by @truthseeker, Apr 7, 2012

I have a curvature, enough for girls to comment on or ask about when I have a full erection, but otherwise not problematic (and almost no girl I have ever met is all too interested in the looks of a penis, aside of it being hard of course and big enough). It happened when I was dry-humping with my girlfriend on top of me and I was wearing jeans and had a hard-on and it got really painful, but in heat, and so on. A few weeks later I was at the doctor. So a good physical mauling, painful but in no way extreme, got me my Peyronie’s. I live with it just fine. Dr. gave me medicine, but researching it I found you have to take it for years and it works better than a placebo, but not much better. It’s a mechanical problem, at least for me and the pills served the pharmaceutical industry’s needs more than my needs. That is my experience.

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