Peyronie’s Disease - Traction Treatment

Posted by gap @gerryp, Jan 7 8:13am

Good morning. I was recently diagnosed with moderate Peyronie’s disease after experiencing painful erections on the left side which started about 1 year ago. The pain subsided after about 3 months, but I noticed a distinct curve to the left near the head as well as a loss of length & girth. To complicate matters, I was treated for BPH (FloMax) for several years and was waiting for a liver transplant when this all started. Needless to say, I was not having much sexual activity, as I was quite ill. So I ignored this condition.
Now – 10 months post transplant, my libido has recovered and I was evaluated and diagnosed with PD. The doctor suggested stretching & modeling exercises, which I have been doing, but am not noticing any improvement in curvature. Length seems to have improved.
I have been trying to evaluate penile traction devices and the Restorex device seems to be specifically designed for PD, versus others which seem to be primarily designed for lengthening. I am satisfied with my length but would like to correct the curvature – or at least prevent it from getting worse.
Before I spend $500 on the Restorex device , I thought I would ask whether any other gents have had success with this device and if they would recommend it. I am 62, and hoping to enjoy many more years of good health in all aspects of my life. Thanks.

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I think members like @stoney @jakedduck1 @glenner075 @phoenix1647 @danab may be able to share their experiences with Peyronie's.


I'm sorry that I cannot offer my opinion on RestoreX with regard to its efficacy with PD. It has been beneficial in lengthening.

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