Petit mal seizures

Posted by mel @melronan, Jul 17, 2017

I have a son that is 22 and on Lamictal/Lamotrigine since 10th grade. In the last year he has developed OCD and in the last 6 months it has become more severe along with anxiety and depression with some suicidal thoughts. I have read that long periods of time on Lamictal may cause these side effects . Our Neurologist says she is not aware of this. After this long on medication I would love to see how he acts on no medication. His slow processing which I wonder if cd be attributed to this medication has affected his ability in college yet from educational testing we know besides processing he is on a genius IQ level. He struggles with interaction among peers. I wonder if I should try a new neurologist. If this drug could be causing these side affects what are my options? He now says his thoughts are so weird he hates his brain. Thanks for any advice

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Mayo Clinic lists anxiety and depression as possible side effects, albeit less common. It surprises me that your neurologist was not aware of theses possible consequences. Perhaps it is time for a second opinion. Is the Lamictal controlling his seizures?

First thing to check ,is the medicine working.To me thats important ,Ive had grandmals since 5 yearsold and for last 30 been on dilantin.Does a good job.Some times after a seizure,especially if things were going well it gets a little depressing.I take pills for anxiety but some due to my also having severe copd.Ive had some bad times and some bad side effects but never suicide,im 63 now.At his age i cant see taking anything that will give a person any suicide thoughts.With so many meds now ans maybe someone he can talk to.Maybe someone with else with epilepsy..Took me long time to finslly say to myself ive got this for my life have toaccept it,no matter what happens.

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