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Looking for penpals for a year old with leukemia

Posted by @kare, Feb 15, 2012

peterochs, I know you are looking for others who have epilepsy to share similar experiences; however, I’m also wondering if you would be interested in communicating with a 9 year old who is going through Cancer.. He has leukemia and has had Ewings Sarcoma. Shay is the Bravest kid kid I know. He is about to undergo a Bone Marrow transplant. He was given two options….stop now and go to heaven or do the transplant, HE CHOSE THE TRANSPLANT!!!! Right now I am looking for people to be penpals or email pals for him that may understand having chronic illness or cancer and could also benefit from a penpal or email pal.. Even if they live in different states. Please if you can help, message me ASAP. It happens to be his birthday tnext week and I am hoping to fill an address book with at least some names to get him started reaching out beyond the walls of the WI hospital he is in. I have a seizure disorder and know that the experiences of having any illness can be scary and so there’s 1 thing ya have in common already. I hope to hear from ya. @peterochs



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Posted by @peterochs, Feb 15, 2012

hi Kare! I’m happy someone in need has someone as caring as you, especially when you are having health challenges yourself. It goes to show your staid resolve in handling situations. I’ve found a lot of support online on an epilepsy message board. I’ve made some friends with people across the world, people who share their experiences with me as I do with them. It’s nice to hear other peoples’ experiences when my own experiences seem at times so unreal.

I found a website that has what I’m presuming to be a similar community for cancer, sarcoma, and Ewings sarcoma particularly:,0,119,65,66.htm

I’d be glad to keep in touch via a third-party website like this one

my prayers go out to your buddy – please let him know

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