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Pertussis - adult (whooping cough)

Posted by @whoop1960 in Infectious Diseases, Oct 24, 2011

I am looking for information from any adult who is or has been diagnosed with Pertussis. I just received the news that my lab work came back with a "positive" result. I've been coughing for 3 weeks! I am exhausted.

Tags: Infectious Disease, lung conditions


Posted by @gracesssh, Feb 1, 2012

Hi. I am do sorry that you have been diagnosed with pertussis. I have also & it is very difficult. I had bronchitis first, then acquired pertussis while still very sick so I believe that is why my symptoms have been so severe. Has your physician started you on antibiotics? I hope so bc if started early enough, it really can help. Plus, as it is highly contagious, it is important to be on the correct antibiotics for 5 full days before being around others.
This is my first post on this web site do I'm not quite sure how it works. I will be brief now & just let you know that I understand what you're going through & will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have & just listen. I know that if I could have had someone help me @ the beginning (actually, all the way thru!!!) it would definitely have helped.
God bless you & yours with quick &complete healing!

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