Persistent sore throat in child

Posted by kkroz @kkroz, Oct 24 4:57am

My 12yo son had flu in February, all symptoms resolved but throat remained sore for about 3 months ( when he was sick it was 7 out of 10 scale sore, by summer it went down to about 3/10, then just tickle). Then school started and he got sick with sore throat (7/10 scale), runny nose, weak and fever for one day. All these symptoms resolved in about 48 hours, but sore throat stayed. Slowly over past 2 months it went down to 4/10. We went through 3 ENTs, multy laryngoscopies ( pharynx is clear, the soreness is in mid throat, where larynx is), Allergy tests.. they cannot pinpoint the issue or what causes the soreness. Larynx appears to be fine other than slightly pinkier . Thyroid is fine ( did ultrasound). Allergies to dust mites only but we have air cleaner and we traveled a lot , changing locations did not make any difference. Blamed acid reflux, but visited to GI and she does not believe it is acid reflux ( no other typical symptoms ), we are trying Prilosec (prescription type), but it does not change anything at all… What else can be considered /checked?

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Just some thoughts: Does he still have his tonsils and adenoid? I know you went to an ENT. Could they have missed it? Also, has he ever gotten allergy shots? These have helped a lot of people. Any pets? Pets make for more dust in your house ….I know I have a spoiled rotten cat that i love. I am not allergic to cats. Hardwood floors vs carpet? Carpet holds a lot of dust. Wash sheets & pillow cases in hot water. Use a hypoallergenic mattress cover. I use a RayCop to pull up any extra stuff off my bedding. You can buy these on Amazon/Ebay. I did not buy the most expensive one. Has he ever tried a nasal spray like Cromalyn or Flonase? The next thing I think of is food allergies. Notice when he complains the most about his throat. Cafeteria food at school? Does he take Vitamin C? Not too much as it can cause diarrhea. Praying for your son to get relief and for mom & dad.


I have had two sinus surgeries. I have ongoing throat irritation. What is happening is the sinus holes in top of mouth are draining mucous down into my throat and toward bronchial tubes. This is result of the expanding drainage holes in sinuses to reduce sinus congestion.

I tried a lot of things to treat naturally. I know I have a lot of issues with throat irritation. What I did was to monitor what I ate and if it cause more drainage or irritation of throat.

I found a lot of foods cause throat irritation when makes you cough and the cough causes more throat irritation. Dairy products and very strong spices cause symptoms. If I really watch my diet it has helped.

I do use air purifiers as they seem to help. I think all individuals are sensitive to dusts. It can be difficult but experiment and see what works. But really take a look at diet as it really had an affect on me.

I still have episodes of real throat irritation. My wife and I look back to see what is different. I even noticed when I swim (use a snorkle thus mouth breathing) I seem to have more throat and bronchial irritation. I noticed when I use the indoor pool (lots of extra chemicals and smells) than outdoor pool more throat irritations and bronchial irritations.

Is your son around any (past, present) second hand smoke? This can be a great irritation to entire respiratory system.

I see you went to ENT. Have you gone to an allergist?

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