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Peripheral neuropathy

Posted by @tnip in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 16, 2011

Hi, I have been told at 43years old that I have full blown peripheral neuropathy and so far for no apparently no reason. I have surgury on monday the 22nd. Hopping they find something that caused thishorrable mess.I heard that magnesium help. Is there any one out ther that is trouble or knows any thing about this? Please let me know thank you!!!


Posted by @martyblum, Apr 7, 2012

Hi. I have had peripheral neuropathy for 27 years only on my right side. I am otherwise healthy but the pain can get me down. I'm taking Nortriptyline each evening which helps dull the pain but does nothing for restoring the feeling on my side. For me it is stubbornness that doesn't allow pain to ruin my life. Not very helpful....

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