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Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted by @sandyk81 in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 16, 2011

I have peripheral Neuropathy and Tarsal Tunnel, I have some of the symptoms under control, but the balls of my feet and toes. They are always partly numb and hurt. It never goes away and sometime I can't even bend my toes. If I try to stretch my toes up it feels like the bottom of my foot has a rubber band on it and can not stretch. Does anyone have any suggestion? I get shots in the ankles for the tarsal tunnel and that helps the ankle from that pain but does nothing for the balls of my feet or the toes.


Posted by @tnip, Aug 17, 2011

Hi, I also have this in alot of pain and never stops! Fills like your hooked to 220amp with hot lava running in feet and legs soon after I lost filling.I heard magnnesium helps please research first! good luck


Posted by @sandyk81, Aug 23, 2011

Thanks for the info, I will research it. I don't think I am to your point yet, but when I wear shoes the pressure is not good. Any kind of pressure on my feet is not good. Good luck to you.


Posted by @kidnurse1963, Aug 24, 2011

Hi, I also have severe nerve pain after 5 back surgeries. It is hard to describe to anyone who has never had the sensation. I try to tell them (including Doctors) that my skin is numb on my legs and feet but the skin and nerves feel like they are on fire with electricity running through them. I've also said it feel like when your foot falls asleep and you first get the good tingly feeling, but that this is the bad painful. tingly sensation. I take neurontin three 300my capsules three times per day. It does not make it go away all together but it does make it feel much more tolerable. I hope this helps. Take care.


Posted by @tnip, Aug 29, 2011

Hi,hope you get to filling better soon, I had to fight to get the Dr. to listen to me! The way It fills some times, is like when you get really cold and step in to a hot tub of water, that first stinging filling then times it by four!I hope they find a cure soon. I'm up for being part of research. If it would help to find a cure, by all means i will do it I just just ha a nerve removed from my leg for biopsy, nurse told me to have them check for metal poisoning. so i'm going to ask to be tested. this is the web site she gave me papers on, , hope it helps some one out there. good luck, please stay in touch!!!


Posted by @ncrodgers, Sep 13, 2011

I have been diagnosed with perpherall neuropathy. It started with numbness in my thumb and forefinger and spread to the entire hands and feet. They went throught different kinds of pain from simple pressure, to feeling of stabbing pain, electrical shocks, burning in the hands and cold in the feet. This started in March 2010. Was treated by neurologist with drugs for anti siezures and antidepresants. Went to Duke Medical Center and was told I definitely had damage to the nerves in my hands and feet but he didn't know what was causing it or how to fix it. The numbness has now spread up to my elbows and my knees. Most of the pain now is a nerve that runs from bottom of arm from elbow to hands and from knees to big tow. The numbess has traveled upward to elbows and knees. The progression is really scary and the drugs I have taken have wreaked havoc with my general health. Is there any help out there????


Posted by @aarius, Sep 15, 2011

It has taken some fourteen years to properly diagnose my Peripheral Neuropathy. It started that fourteen years ago when I had my right elbow completely rebuilt at the epicondyle. The results: Medial and Lateral Epicondelectomy (commonly referred to as Tennis Elbow, Lateral or outside and Golfer's Elbow, Medial or inside next to body. My situation? I don't play tennis or golf, never have. No traumatic diagnosis as the reason why I was losing all Range of Motion in my right arm. The damage was clinically evident but no reason for it given. All these years later, other surgeries and a great staff at my VA determined that my issues were neurological and idiopathic (no known reason to be what it obviously is). I am now scheduled for surgery on both shoulders with slightly different symptoms presenting in each shoulder. My right starts with Biceps Tendinitis and involves nerves from the scapula converging near the Deltoid muscle (Sorry, you may have to Google some of these terms but it will be worth it) My left shoulder is my inferior arm and exhibits generalized pain even with the slightest "wrong" movement. I've heard the Fibromyalgia bit from GP's but it took Orthopedic Specialists to nail it down. As for corticosteroids, I could write a book. Bottom line - NO MORE. I had a Plantar Fasciectomy (surgery,right foot, bottom, see PLANTAR FASCIA )two years ago, same thing, NO TRAUMATIC DIAGNOSIS. It was congenital but didn't manifest until my 60's. It goes on and on but at least I have the best medical minds available at the regional VA where I am a patient. If you suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy chances are I know a little or at least something about it. I would love to share and help.


Posted by @tequilaampcanela, Aug 28, 2012

Neurologist to you!

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