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Jim McCarl

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peripheral neuropathy

Posted by @jimmccarl, Jun 16, 2012

Has anyone tried acupuncture in an attempt to correct peripheral neuropathy.

Jim McCarl



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Posted by @flhtk, Jun 25, 2012

No I haven’t but would like to try. Had a spinalfusion L4-L5-S1 3 years ago and have had burning and stinging feet and legs ever since, and nobody seems to know how to fix. Multiple pain meds, max dose of neurontin and still have it.


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Posted by @rubysusie, Jul 12, 2012

I also have neuropayhy due to spinal surf gone bad. I take neurontin pain mess and muscle relaxants. Causes spasms in my leg. What caused your neuropathy? Jodi ruby


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Posted by @flhtk, Jul 18, 2012

My nerves got damaged by 2 deteriated discs collapsing, rubbing and abrading them. Stretching them to allow room to insert two full disc sized donor bones didn’t help any either. The surgeon said the only thing predictable regarding nerves is that they are unpredictable. They don’t tell you that before they operate on you. I take 2400 mg of neurontin daily and I really don’t think it helps mutch but I am afraid to quit taking them in case they are actually helping more than I know. Some days it takes everything I have to get out of bed to go to work.


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Posted by @wiltslass, Jun 29, 2012

Yes, I have found it very helpful. I have sensory neuropathy, and often draw a circle or triangle round the bits playing up. A treatment usually halves the area playing up immediately, then it fades much faster than without – mine is a benign remitting, relapsing neuropathy without demylination. Be aware that acupuncture doesnt work on 30% of people – the others find it very good! It depends on if your body is fooled by the needles into releasing endorphins by the very fine needles. Thankfully mine is. Without it an excruciatingly painful area lasted years, now they last only days or weeks after treatment. I have settled on going every six weeks in conjunction with my other therapies.


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Posted by @eric5cents, Jul 12, 2012

Yes, I had a series of 8 acupuncture treatments, which I appreciated for the tranquility it added to my life at that time, but I did not experience much relief.

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