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peripheral neuropathy

Posted by @pstevens1955 in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 28, 2012

Hello all - after 2 years of every test known possible in the medical world as we know it I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in November of 2011. It is much more pronounced in my right foot. I have tried gabapentin and lyrica but my body would not tolerate both medications. My neurologist and GP have me on amiltriptyline - 50mg once daily. It is not helping and my condition is getting worse. Last night was the worst night of my life. I wanted to die. The pain was absolutely excruciating. I am trying ice packs and am now resorting to acupuncture. I also have the condition in my ring finger and pinky of right hand. Can anybody out there help me? I feel very alone and isolated with my pain.


Posted by @alexsimon, Aug 29, 2012

Dear pstevens1955 -
Please know that you are not alone.

Mayo Clinic does have some information availble about Peripheral Neuropathy -

Also - if you are interested in seeing a Mayo Clinic physician in either MN, FL or AZ please click on the "request an appointment" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Posted by @kingrach78, Oct 9, 2012

I requested an appointment online yesterday. Today, someone called me and got my information. Then I was transferred to the neurology department where I was told that there is a one and a half year (or more) wait list to be seen there. I was also told that your doctor has to refer you to even be considered. I'm going to follow through with the process just in case my symptoms don't go away. I'd hate to be in the same state a year and a half from now and not have started the clock ticking...


Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 9, 2012

Deear Kingrach78 -
Unfortunately -
Our Neurology department does see an extremely high demand. I do think you are doing the right steps though to follow through with your primary care physician to seek a referral. If your symptoms do not go away then being on the wait list at Mayo Clinic will be an option for you.


Posted by @axdorte, Oct 21, 2012

What is becoming more and more difficult for me to understand is, since there is such an extremely high demand, why more effort is not being put in to meet this demand from the Mayo Clinic's side then? Knowing it from second hand side, this is an outrageously painful matter. Putting people with such level of pain through long waiting lists and what seems to be a bureaucratic circus where one hand doesn't seem to know what the other one is doing, goes against all descent behavior within the medical field. Just like a simple level of knowledge of how to organize and run a business often seems to be an issue . I am including the Mayo Clinic and local neurologists into these categories after witnessing both "treatment" and lack of interest in a patient, who when it also comes down to it, is a customer! !


Posted by @applemuffin, Oct 21, 2012

Hi PSstevens1955. I have diabetis and I suffer from nueropathy also, legs and feet. Yes the burning , shooting pains are unbelievable ( I also have costochondritis) .
For both my pain-- Im on tramadol, and naproxen and regular tylenol, every 6 and 12 hrs. I also apply topical creams and gels to my legs,for the neuropathy. sometimes I use pure aloe vera gel and sometimes I use use Dr.Leonards siatica cream and sometimes I use Apsercream . Believe it or not. those helpm while Im waiting the meds to kick in. Hope this helps.

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