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Posted by @mslynette in Mental Health, Nov 4, 2011

I'm having lots of symptoms of menopause in the last year, but recently, the "anger" has gotten worse. One bad comment can set me off. I'm 46 and just wondering how someone else copes with this. How long does perimenopause last on average? I just had my physical and annual gyno exam. My doctor was helpful, but wanted to hear other stories.

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Posted by @peacekeeper, Nov 14, 2011

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Posted by Anonymous-1e6e7952, Mar 1, 2012

I'm not qualified to speak on the matter, but my mother is regarded as among Louisiana's (and arguably the world's) foremost experts in the realm of women's health as it pertains to menopause. IKN if she's a Mayo Clinic affiliated NP or not (she may well be... was the LANP 2002 Nurse Practitioner of the Year). In any case, her name is Pamela Egan and if you search for her you'll find her. Then look around for the articles about bioidentical HRT and other menopause-related topics.

I'm not trying to plug her or anything, as the chances you're in the one small state in which she's licensed to practice are slim-to-none. The only reason I make the suggestion is because I have personally witness the testimonies of dozens if not hundreds of women who swear by her treatment approach. There is a ton of information about this very topic available to anyone on her website, which is non-commercial.

I do genuinely believe though that you may well find that her insights could shed light on a solution that hopefully would bring you a great measure of relief.

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