Perimenopause - Extreme bleeding, anxiety, weight gain, depression

Posted by julesmtl72 @julesmtl72, Jan 18 11:18am

Has anyone had a doctor prescribe any type of therapy for perimenopause? Other than anti-depressants there seems to be an overall "suck it up" mentality when it comes to treatment. I am on year 3 of debilitating symptoms and still have a regular cycle. I am considering a full hysterectomy to get this over with. Has anyone done this?

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I am having other weird neurological symptoms that I feel may be associated with perimenopause, but my OBGYN suggested a low dose estrogen pill. She is on it herself. There is a slight increase in risk for breast cancer or stroke, but if you are in overall good health, she feels the benefit may outweigh the risk. I haven't tried it yet.

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