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perferal neurophy

Posted by @georgegeneral in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 14, 2011

iam taking lyrica for this condition i can not afford to take it much longer is there any other drug that is cheaper and also does just as good or better iam taking 300mg throughout the day to deal with the pain and also get things done around the house,but cant seem to do much. thanks

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Posted by @elizabethrice, Oct 20, 2011

Hello. Wanted to pass along some information from Mayo Clinic about treatment of peripheral neuropathy: Best wishes.


Posted by @georgegeneral, Oct 28, 2011

thank you i just wish i had the money to afford lyrica or the va would come up with a drug that is as good as lyrica or better.


Posted by @adventurer53, Nov 14, 2011

have you tried gabapentin or some of the antidepressants like trazodone or cymbalta? I've been trying a variety of these and some seem to help - gabapentin in combination with another one help the most. But I also am implanted with a spinal cord stimulator and that also helps. Best to you!


Posted by @coco54, Oct 28, 2011

Colleen Foley Michigan october27, 2011


Posted by @georgegeneral, Oct 28, 2011

Hi Colleen i could not get to your post ,so iam sending you my e-mail hopefully you will reply to me

Posted by Anonymous-95274fcf, Nov 7, 2011

maybe try lorenzo's oil, rapeseed and olive oil. measurements are on a blog about the movie lorenzo's oil. this is a long shot but i hope you find a way to get a drug that's recommended by the medical community.


Posted by @jenifwazie, Dec 5, 2011

I am currently taking Gabapentin. It is so much cheaper than Lyrica!! Although it doesn't take away all the pain, it does help. My doctor says you can take up to 3600mg daily, but you have to slowly work up to it. Good luck!! I still don't know what is causing my peripheral neuropothy!!!


Posted by @dmdouglass, Dec 12, 2011

Gabapentin a generic form of neurontin is supposed to be very similar to lyrica. The generic form gabapentin is a lot cheaper. They do say you need to take more of it then you do with lyrica.


Posted by @paintopper, Sep 4, 2012

i am taking 1600mg a day of gabapentin and 1200mg of pentoxifylli and i still have alot of burning and hurting especially at night but the doctors are still blaming it on smoking which i have cut down to 4 cigarettes a day and plan to continue to quit! is there anyone out there that has better luck with another drug besides gabapentin? It seems to make me feel real drowsy and like i'm high on something

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