Penis pain

Posted by Icarus @icaruslives, Sep 25, 2015

I am 24 and I’m having some trouble with my penis lately and I was hoping to get some help. For a few months I’ve had burning while urinating (Tests for UTI were negative, STD tests negative also) and within the last 1-2 months I’ve had pretty bad pain at the base (sometimes spreads to the head) when I’m becoming erect. Once I get erect and ‘flex’ my penis (I don’t know if that makes sense but when you move it on its own) a few times (sharp pain when I do that) it goes away and becomes mostly normal.

Sometimes I also get burning while ejaculating and just general burning and discomfort. I’m wondering if anyone knows what this is? I had a prostate exam and took a month of cipro for prostatitis and the med didn’t help at all. The doc claimed my prostate was of normal size although it was quite uncomfortable when he would touch it. Not pain but discomfort.

I notice that I have quite a huge vein that looks swollen and it starts from my pubic area and goes through my penis, up the left side and kinda wraps around. I found an image online of a similar thing, I’ll remove the link if it breaks the rules but he has the same thing as I do. = h t t p : / / genitalsize . com / penises/data/media/14/10. j p g (remove spaces)

That huge protruding vein thing that he has that curves. Mine’s bigger and it’s noticeable at the base, it also wraps more around to the side whereas his just kinda comes back into the middle.

As a side bit of info I’ve had rough sex a few times, once where I was doing something that consistently hurt but nothing ever so bad that I knew I injured myself.

I hope I’ve given adequate information and appreciate any and all serious responses.

I had about similar problem and found out I had allergy to latex condom. Sometimes your partner also get pain due to latex condom you use.
Hope that be helpful.

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