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penile implant

Posted by @billy, Dec 16, 2011

has any one here had a penile implant?



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Posted by @2011simone, Dec 17, 2011

No, but I have a friend who has…but unfortunately he moved away afterwards to get to know new ppl. Sorry.


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Posted by @45larry, Mar 12, 2012

I had a Mentor (now Coloplast) Titan implant installed in December 2006, and it was the best decision I ever made. I hesitated for a couple years, because I wasn’t sure I wanted the pain of the surgery. But, after it was in and operational, it was the best thing I had done. It is easy to operate, and it guarantees a firm erection anytime, every time. I wish I had gotten it years earlier.

I had permanent ED due to a spinal injury that left me completely impotent. For several years I used a Erecaid vacuum & bands system, which worked okay, but was less than desirable. It had 2 major disadvantages: 1) There was a severe interruption during foreplay to use the vacuum and put on the bands, and 2) The bands had to be removed within 30 minutes, or it became very painful and the pain lasted for days.

All of that is history with the Titan implant.

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