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Posted by @bink, Aug 21, 2012

can anyone tell me if you can have PBC and PCS at the same time ? and if so how is this treated ? as i have PBC but now they are talikng about PCS too but they say the treatment for one is not good for the other ?? i am confussed any response would be appreciated . I am at the mayo clinic in Jacksonville now and seen my Dr. for the first time today .


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Posted by @rosemarya, Aug 23, 2012

In the early stages of my psc, as my docs were looking for a diagnosis, I remember both psc and pbc being considered as possibilities. They used ercp with images to confirm psc..
I suggest that you make a list of your questions and take them to your appointment and ask nurse or doc. Mayo docs and nurses are terrific about answering and explaining everything so it is understandable in everyday language.
Also refer to the Mayo Clinic web site for information about diseases and treatment.

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