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PBC and Liver Cancer

Posted by @bink in Transplants, Apr 3, 2013

Hi all , Hanging in there , hope you all are having good days too . i am just wondering how many with PBC also ended up with liver cancer ? i am not doing well numbers elevated again , jaundice , having some swelling in feet and lower legs and upper abdomen in liver area also liver swelling and pain and have suddenly in the last two months dropped enough weight that doc is concerned i was 120 in January and holding steady and i am down to 98 lbs now . dang this PBC it aggravates and infuriates me !!

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Posted by @anon47649265, Apr 7, 2013

I understand how u feel I have PBC as well. I'm dropping weight like crazy... And I feel horrible. It aggravates me as well. But what can a person do?!

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Posted by @bink, Apr 16, 2013

Hi there Greeneyes34 , well all test and labs have come back and no tumor or liver cancer ~ Thank God . My meld score is 15 and all the things they check for liver function are elevated so Gastro Doc says he is sending all results to Mayo again to see if they want to see me again if not then he will see me every 3 months now and keep track of meld score closely , so i guess we are at a wait and see point , Hope you are doing well 🙂

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