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Patient Advocate

Posted by @minlou01 in Infectious Diseases, Aug 20, 2012

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm wondering if someone has contact information for a Patient Advocate at the Rochester location. I've had a great experience at Mayo previously, but I'm having a horrible time getting answers from anyone in Infectious Disease & Ortho Surgery right now. I am super frustrated as I have a chronic infection & I'm currently on IV antibiotics but we don't expect them to cure me because they haven't in the past. I'm trying to be proactive & get set with a definitive treatment plan before I go off antibiotics & become sick again. It's just way too hard to travel to Mayo while sick & I would prefer not to do it again! I cannot get passed the secretaries to get a!

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Posted by @joycegroenke, Aug 20, 2012

We have an Office of Patient Affairs, and if you wish, you can call and talk to them about your concerns.
Minnesota: 507-284-4988
Florida: 904-953-2019
Arizona: 480-342-2651


Posted by @minlou01, Aug 20, 2012

Thanks JoyceG! Is there an email address for MN?


Posted by @connieedwards, Aug 21, 2012

We do not have a contact e-mail at this time. I just spoke with them and they would prefer to speak with you by phone. So give them a call!

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