Patella Dislocation resulting in TKR

Posted by annahanna @annahanna, Apr 11, 2019

I have struggled with an original patella dislocation from a work injury since 2006.
Fourteen years later, & three unsuccessful knee surgeries, the last surgery in 2013 (TKR), I have experience constant debilitating pain, not only within my TKR, but for the last five years, I’ve endured lower back pain, sharp hip pain, my opposite knee, which has been my total support since my original injury, is failing.
My last TKR was as unsuccessful as the previous two knee surgeries leaving me with a fixed flexion contracture, meaning I’m unable to bend or straighten at my knee joint, so I ambulate with what feels like a fused knee/leg.
The constant pain I experience from this nonfunctional knee replacement has caused so many other structural problems throughout my back & lower torso. The constant pain is so exhausting. I haven’t been able to sleep at night because the all of the pain I experience never subsides! This knee injury has caused extreme limited (tearful) normal life activities.
It’s difficult for me to understand that the original injury of a dislocated patella has now resulted in (according to current orthopedic surgeons, including the Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon) a suggested amputation of my leg beginning at my femur bone. My faith in orthopedic surgeons over the years has caused me to question their professional medical oath & ethics. I know injuries such as what I have experienced, could have resulted in a better outcome than I have been living with for all these years.
I hope for a Devine intervention from our Lord & Savior to manifest a simple resolution in my life to improve my daily challenges, heal my ongoing health issues & bring a team of professional orthopedic surgeons into my life before I am too old to enjoy the normal activities of life with my family & friends.

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Annahanna. I’m so sorry for all you have been through. I hope you get that Devine Intervention.

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