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Parotid Gland Tumor Surgery

Posted by @amyh in Cancer, Aug 23, 2012

I really wanted to come to the mayo clinic to have this tumor removed. None of the ENT's in my local area have any experience with this type of surgery mostly they have done only cosmetic surgery such as face lifts. I really need to get this thing out of me. My medicare insurance provider Humana only covers doctors in TN and doesnt provide coverage to out of network. However, my secondery insurance would cover it but it only pays after Humana. Humana does offer ER coverage in any state. Do you think I could walk into the ER get admitted then get the surgery?

Any advice. Does anybody know of good ENT's in upper East TN that have experience with this?

Tags: Cancer, salivary gland cancer, parotid gland tumor


Posted by @amyh, Aug 23, 2012

Oh and just wanted to let everyone know I have a blog about my medical issues at


Posted by @ali555, Sep 12, 2012

Try some hospitals in Charleston, SC, John Hopkins in Baltimore. I have hyperthyroid with nodules. Mayco clinic had a trail for laser surgery to remove them. I'm trying to find out how it went. It's been done in Italy for years.


Posted by @pammyj11, Oct 6, 2012

I just had surgery last week at Mayo in Jacksonville Fl. for a parotid tumor. It went very well and i highly recommend them. Call to see if either humana or your secondary insurance will cover it. Parotid tumors are a very specialized surgery, not every ENT surgeon can perform them. Good luck

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