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Parotid Gland Tumor

Posted by @amyh in Cancer, Aug 11, 2012

Hello, I live TN and recently diagnosed with a parotid tumor. Actually I have seen one there before that went away and has now returned. Im conisdering surgery possiblility at Mayo Clinic in Florida was looking at this site and found the discussion board. I've had Fine Needle Biopsy and diagnosis is probable for Warthins Tumor. After the biopsy the tumor got hot, inflammed and I had a small vien or nerve or something that was standing out on my neck and ran the length of my neck. I also experienced some cognitive issues during this time. Or at least I felt like I was. I saw an ENT and was given clindamycin to take. The tumor shrank back down. A few months later now and the tumor again got sore enlarged some. I was hoping that I didnt need a surgery for this. But since Im having these types of problems since the needle biopsy I suppose I should have this taken care of. Im also getting scared that maybe this is cancer since it is swelling and sore. I dont believe the ENT in my area has done many surgerys of this type. Im looking for an ENT that does this has a lot of experience as Im totaly afraid of possible damage to my facial nerves. Anybody has this surgery performed in Florida? If so who did your surgery?

I suffer from several other health issues as well. Degerative Disk Disease, Tremors mostly my head but sometimes my hands also. Multiple lesions on my brain with a degerative type disease. Was once thought possible Multiple Sclerosis and could still be but not sure this has been going on for many years now with no diagnosis and was hoping to maybe see a neurologist at the Mayo Center as well in hopes of getting a confirmed diagnosis.

I would have to fly and get hotel room etc to visit the Mayo Clinic. Was hoping to possible do all this in a about one wks time and return home as the expense of the trip would be high. Anybody have knowlege or advice about this? Also, Im on disability and have medicare (Humana) with a secondary insurance from previous employer(United Health Care). From reading on the web site doesnt look like Mayo Clinic like medicare. Well most people and hospitals dont. LOL But, anybody have experience with that in Florida as well?

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Posted by Anonymous-a30ac82b, Aug 12, 2012

Do u mean "Putiutary Tumor....


Posted by @amyh, Aug 13, 2012

No the tumor is on the right side of my neck below the jaw bone. Its between the space of the back of my jawbone and the tendon or muscle that runs down your neck. I was told it was parotid gland tumor. But actually I wonder if it is actually in my parotid gland.

The neurological issues I believe to be seperate issue. But who knows maybe its all linked together in some way. Yesterday I clean my right ear out with a Q tip and found a bright yellow and orangish fluid type substance. Maybe ear infection? But strange its on the same side of the tumor.


Posted by @amyh, Aug 13, 2012

Im thinking about starting a blog and putting up my reports and some images from CT and MRI but that will take some time to do.


Posted by @amyh, Aug 13, 2012

I added a few images from ct scan. It is only of the Neck. I havent added any of my brain mri's yet. Its under my profile I think you can view them there.


Posted by @pammyj11, Oct 6, 2012

Amy, did you get this taken care of? I had surgery just last week for a parotid tumor at Mayo in jacksonville with excellent results.

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