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Parkinson's Disease

Posted by @slananite in Just Want to Talk, Dec 1, 2011

I am knew and this is my first post. I have Parkinson's Diesease. I have had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. I have 3 leads in my brain. I have been back to Mayo quite a few times. They are having trouble controling my leg tremor. They have mentioned a 4th. lead might be necessary to control the tremor. Is there anyone out there that has had the surgery and how many leads do you have ? It has been working but not for my tremor. At least not without giving me speech problems. My biggest symptom was leg tremor and still is. If there is any thing someone thinks I should know before having the next surgery please let me know.

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Posted by @suz46, Nov 1, 2012

I have yet to be diagnosed with PD. My symptoms include "mad" looking face, twitching especially in left arm and imbalance when walking. Sometimes when getting into the car to drive, I have to lift my left leg over the threshhold; the leg seems stuck and is "twitching" with large amplitude twitches.
I am surprised that there are not more posts for this category.


Posted by @slananite, Nov 1, 2012

I am also surprised not more posts. I just had the 4th lead placed. Waiting to have it turned on. The Dr. thinks it will help but no guarantee. It did stop in surgery when they placed the lead. I started with hand tremor. The surgery took care of that but not the leg tremor hoping it will work. Still have speech problems and walking problems. Things do get worse if not helped right away. Or waiting to long and then they can't do surgery. I know someone that has happened to.

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