Parking changes at st marys hosp?

Posted by Laurie @roch, Jul 15, 2018

I often park in the parking ramp next Generous building at St Marys. Someone told me there is construction starting June 15 that effects using that parking ramp but I cannot find anything on Mayo Clinic web site about. I checked the map on web site, it does mention construction, but that information is from 2011-2015.

St Mary campus map:
Web page on construction referred to on map:


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Hi @roch, this is a great question that would have value for a lot of members who need to travel to or go to the St. Mary's campus in Rochester, MN. I will do some research on this as well and see if I can provide a bit more insight.


Saint Marys Campus volunteers received the following info last week. The patient entrance to the Generose parking ramp is from Peace Garden Drive.
From July 15 to July 22, changes will affect staff, patient and visitor parking, as well as traffic flow on the Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, Saint Marys Campus. These temporary changes are necessary due to the construction of a new skyway over Peace Garden Drive. A crane must be positioned on the roadway, creating a bottleneck in that area.

Because of this inconvenience during that week, alternative access to the Generose Ramp will be made available to minimize the effects on patients and visitors, as well as reduce traffic on Peace Garden Drive. Flaggers will direct access through brief lane closures.


@csjolundjr, thank you for posting the information about parking as that is the information I was able to find as well. You laid it out nicely.

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