Parent with shocking news of thyroid cancer

Posted by lorenza1210 @lorenza1210, Jun 17, 2020

My father is 88 years old almost and yesterday he was diagnosed with aggressive thyroid cancer. Should we get a second opinion or just go with the treatment plan.

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Hi @lorenza1210, welcome to the Thyroid Cancer group on Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm tagging fellow caregiver @cbayala and also @becsbuddy to join this discussion. I can imagine that it is a shock to hear that your 88-year old father has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. You mention that it is aggressive. Do you know what type of thyroid cancer he has? Is it anaplastic? Has it metastasized?


@lorenza1210 Colleen asked me to join this conversation so I hope I can help. I’m so sorry that your dad has thyroid cancer, especially at his age. What is the treatment plan that the doctors have suggested? I would suggest, though, that you and your father have a good discussion about his quality of life and let him make the decision whether to proceed or not. Whatever his decision, we’re here to support both of you and give information.


At the age of your father, I would recommend another opinion and once you know your options for treatment, you can make a decision.

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