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paralysis vocal cords

Posted by @jimjudym4, Nov 25, 2012

Just wondering if there is any one out there has has both vocal cords that do not work due to having your thyroid taken out. I feel like I am the only one in the world and of course I am not. I have had 6 surgeries so far. Can anyone connect to this?



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Posted by @dand, Dec 22, 2015

I have bilateral vocal cord paralysis due to an unknown cause. I was diagnosed with a rare form of non-hodgkins lymphoma in February. The cancer occurred in my nose and sinuses.i received radiation and chemotherapy treatment, and the good news is I’ve been in remission since September. However, the VC issues keep getting worse. Every doctor i see first makes the assumption that it was caused by the radiation; however, the problem started before I ever received any cancer treatment, so that cannot be the cause. I’ve had a tracheoatomy since January due to the has gotten progressively worse, and my voice is now gone completely.there is no airflow at all through my airway (i.e. when I cover up the trach, I cannot breathe at all). I am beginning to have trouble swallowing as well, and we have discussed the possibility of having to have a feeding tube. All of the doctor’s I see have no clue why this is happening. I suggested nerve damage, since that is the cause you always read about on the Internet, but they say that the likelihood of both the right and left nerves being affected simultaneously is unlikely. Please help,if you have any ideas I would really appreciate your time in replying. Thank you

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