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Pancreatitius Acute And Liver Disease With Bile Duct Leakage:

Posted by @normarae in Just Want to Talk, Jul 15, 2012

I've had pancreatitus three times now, polycystic disease of urinary track, kidneys, and my liver. It has caused tumors in my right frontal lobes, high blood pressure and a lot of pain. I've yet to get a doctor to tell me more on how to proceed. It's like it's a cancer moving through my body and nobody cares.

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Posted by @normarae, Jul 15, 2012

Also . . .I have severe migraines and a back that's been diagnosed as advanced digenerative disc disease. (along with several heniated discs) Because I only have medicaid and they consider me terminal the insurance company will not okay anything to increase my ability to function. NormaRae

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