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Pancreatic disorder

Posted by @cousinofapatient, Aug 25, 2012

My cousin had a double mastectomy approx. two years ago. Upon examination prior to surgery, they discovered a small mass on the head of the pancreas. Although a biopsy was taken, they could not make a definitive diagnosis. She was then told to watch for growth, and has had to have MRI’s every 6 months. After her last MRI which was two weeks ago, she was told the mass has grown.Still not able to give her a dx of cancer, it was still recommended that she have it removed through a procedure called a “Whipple”. Is there anyone who can share with me the outcome from this procedure if they have too had it done? I will be coming out to Fla. from Ct. To lend support to she and her family. What kind of recovery are we looking at?

Thank you in advance for any info. You can provide!

Michelle Carbone-Crosby



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Posted by @anon35819649, Jun 1, 2013

I have had Whipple 18 months ago. At Mayo Fl. In hospital 7 days and out of work 2!weeks. Followed by 3 rounds chemo 30 days radiation with 24/7 chemo followed by 8 round Fulfirinox. Never missed much work. Good health. Play golf. Get someone who really knows what doing.

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