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Pains in all toes

Posted by @osmoses in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Mar 5, 2013

Please some one should help me, for about four(4) days now I fill pains in all my toes, it like when you tie a rope or tread on the finger for a longtime and there is no blood flowing to that part of the body, I even fell the pain more when I put on shoes.


Posted by @bettyann, Mar 6, 2013

Hi Osmoses,
I am wondering if perhaps you might have gout. You do need to check with a doctor for a proper diagnosis... they have developed new meds that are doing a lot more for gout than they had years ago...which is a good thing.
I am just 'guessing' that this could be what you have because I have a friend whose gout started in this manner. If you have diabetes do not waste a MINUTE and get yourself right to the dr...very important.
Best wishes to you and let me know what the dr has to say. Take care.


Posted by @osmoses, Mar 6, 2013



Posted by @osmoses, Mar 6, 2013

Thanks Bettyann, will keep you inform of any development.


Posted by @piglit, Mar 6, 2013

Hi osmoses. I would definelty get this checked out with the dr. Experiencing ongoing pain always needs to be looked into as to the reason for it occurring. Not sure what is going on so can't give any advice unfortunately, but please let me know how you get along. Take care Piglit


Posted by @osmoses, Mar 6, 2013

Thanks Piglit, will keep you informed when I visit my doctor.

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