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Painful Attempt as Sex being celibate.

Posted by @sweetlady1155, Jan 30, 2012

I’m 56 and had been married for 29 but it ended in 2005. I recently tried to have sex again and it hurt so bad I couldn’t go through with it. It never occured to me that I would have any problem since I never had problems before. I guarantee that it was not because I wasn’t wet enough or ready. I’ve always had a small vaginal opening and both by sons had to be taken via c-section but never had this kind of pain. All my pap test have come back normal. I was so embarrassed! I want to try again – but now I’m scared because it hurt so bad. My Mother is dead and the last time I went to the doctor – they had me see a male doctor and I couldn’t talk to him face to face. I never saw him before. HELP!!!



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Posted by @truthseeker1, May 1, 2012

Am new here too (severe back pain and pelvic pain because of a back injury), and saw your post. My mom died too. I was barely 20 and understand your apprehension with no one to talk to. As a former RN, very sorry to hear that the male GYN treated you so callously. Unfortunately, there are many uncaring docs out that and even some really good overworked docs that say things they don’t even realize is damaging to the patient and unprofessional.
Your PAP test could come back normal even though you still could have a slight fungal or bacterial infection that makes intercourse burn really bad. These things need to be treated with antibiotics or antifungals.
Also, you can take acidophilius (orally) which is a live culture of good bacteria, that you can get over the counter at the health food store. It helps to restore the normal flora in the vagina and bowel to keep it healthy once the infection has been resolved.
There are some kits available now at the drug store that you can buy over the counter hat are based on the same principle as urine dip sticks that measure the ph balance of the vagina. It is done by color and you match the color code that is given and it will give you a basic idea if your ph balance is off which is the case when there is an infection present.
That is just meant to give you a baseline and then you can call for an official doctor’s appointment and give them that info.
Know that all this is very nerve racking and embarrassing, but it can be taken care of really simply just by finding a good and caring physician. Look in your phone book and see if you have a physician referral service (sometimes staffed by nurses) and you can find a woman GYN in your area. When you make the appointment, just make sure to say you prefer a woman and if possible, provide a name.
Best wishes to you and let me know how you are doing.

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