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Posted by @rick46, Jul 17, 2011

I am 55 and in 2006 started to feel cold only on my left side from top of head down to my feb 07 my left hand started to itch bad..later that night my left hand ring finger turned black…went to doctor next day and was dianozed with RAYNAUDS…a month later I started to have extreme chest pain…left side of face went numb..severe head aches/top and back of head cold…over time lower right back pain..right side of body started to hurt..Doctors ran every test you can think of and NOTHING….I failed 3 stress test but test machine said I was ok..MRI was done and showed 4 white spots..a year later another MRI showed 4 gray spots that moved off to sides a little ..also 4 spots on spine pressing nerves…Doctors said DON”NT WORRY…they were more worried about HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (198/103)…since that time my pain has increased over whole body..I have taken tests and drugs and no help…it is going on 5 years and pain is getting unbearable…can not sleep at night…pain moves around alot…getting hard to go to work for 10 hours aday but don’t want to try for disablity yet…so if anyone out there knows how I feel and may have a name for it I would be happy to know so I can find a Doctor that can help me…Thank you

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