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Pain Rehabilitation Clinic

Posted by @drewr in Just Want to Talk, Jul 14, 2011

Hi there, I just want to share that the Mayo Clinic's approach to chronic pain, specifically through the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic in Rochester, is a truly incredible program.

In three short weeks, they gave me the tools I needed to walk without the cane I'd been using and to get off the narcotics and pain meds that were far more of a detriment than a help (though of course at the beginning it was a lot harder to see that than it is now!) Now I'm getting back to my life, and happy to be doing it.

Anyone else have experience with the PRC, or want to know what it's about? Talk to me - I'd be happy to share. It is a truly unique place, where you'll find not just medical support and education, but a real atmosphere of non-judgmental clinical focus on you from some of the most amazing minds at Mayo and, perhaps best of all, you'll find people who GET IT! If you're going through life in pain, the PRC can almost definitely help you, and I hope that you'll look into it.

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Posted by @susanwhosan, Jul 14, 2011

I suffer from chronic headaches, daily pain from moderate to severe> does mayo have any way to help me? I have controlled high blood pressure, insomnia and headaches caused depression


Posted by @elsa, Aug 12, 2011

Hi "DrewR", I'm glad to read of the help you got at Mayo for your chronic pain. I have chronic pain that's resulted from "failed back surgery syndrome". I ruptured L5-S1 2 years ago and when the disc anulus didn't retract after 7 months, I had a microdiskectomy that was supposed to eliminate my pain. Instead, the surgeon nicked the dura and my pain has advanced to the point that I can't walk far or stand long. I also have MS which I can tell feeds into the S1 nerve problem (I now have scar tissue tethering the S1 nerve and on the dura that was cut during surgery). I applied online to come to the Mayo Clinic. They tried to call me today and I have to call them back. I'd dearly like some effective help in reducing my pain. I'm on gabapentin, fentanyl patch and hydrocodone. The back of my R leg and bottoms of both feet ache, feel like they're being stabbed and burn. I used to be very active and athetic and now I don't even want to get up on my feet some of the time because it hurts so much.

I would be very glad if you'd describe the nature of your pain and what Mayo did to help you. Thanks much!


Posted by @lvirgilio, Mar 28, 2012

Does Mayo Clinic in Braintree Mass have a pain clinic? I have been long diagnosed Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Osteoarthritis (two knees, one toe and my neck), Migraine Headaches. And I have Shingles now.


Posted by @drewr, Mar 29, 2012

I'm not sure if Mayo has one in Mass, but I can definitely say there were a number of people in the program with me who suffered from Fibromyalgia and that the PRC is worth checking out in your case. I feel you on the osteoarthritis - I have it in my hip. I'm also, coincidentally, suffering from shingles at the moment and I know that it can be a bear! Hang in there, and if you'd like to know more about what the PRC entails in Rochester, I'd be happy to oblige. I can't really speak to what programs are available in your area, however, as I honestly just don't know.


Posted by @lvirgilio, Jun 20, 2012

I will have to talk with my dr. to find a Pain Clinic here - I now have added Post Herpetic Neuropathy to my list.... Pain from Shingles that won't stop...


Posted by @drewr, Apr 9, 2013

I'm sorry to hear that 🙁 - I know how painful shingles was for me, and the neuropathy in my legs is a daily reminder of how lucky I am that it came and went. I hope your doctor can come up with something.

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Posted by @useless, Jun 20, 2012

They only have the prc in Rochester and Jacksonville FL


Posted by @madonna59, Aug 3, 2012

I tried the pain clinic in Bangor Maine...they were all great there, but to no avail...I tried the injections in my lower back for chronic SI joint deterioration and arthritis...I have severe radiating pain, numbness and actual loss of feeling in my lower legs and feet, my right side being the worse...all the MRI's show no nerve impigment, but do show the chronic degeneration and arthritic condition of the SI joint and also a spinal cyst, but no nerve impigment...yet all my symptoms are nerve related...all this started about 12 yrs ago and is continually getting worse...the Dr.'s look at me like I have 2 heads when I explain how severe and debilitating this pain has become....I've tried everything...2 or 3 times...any idea's would be appreciated...I'm near my wit's end with's so debilitating...ugh


Posted by @reggiel56, Aug 16, 2012

I am waiting for a spot in the Jacksonville Pain Rehab Clinic. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am scheduled for radiofrequency ablation of the sacroiliac joint on August 24. If all goes well I might not even need the PRC, but I want to keep my place in the queue just in case the rfa doesn't work.


Posted by @jtcarter14, Aug 19, 2012

What do they actually do for you/with you at the PRC?

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