Pain program at Mayo

Posted by Useless @useless, Dec 5, 2012

I was in the pain program at the Florida Mayo location a year ago. My insurance company said that they would cover everything, I never received any billing, but received a call from a collection agency saying Mayo has turned me over to them and they want $1000 that my insurance didn’t pay. I asked for a print out of services, since no one would explain anything to me, and I see that I have been double or even triple billed for the same thing. They told me to ask a friend for the money or put it on one of my charges. I have no friends with that money and I doubt if the furniture store, Jewelers or best buy will let me just charge money. How dumb are they? I don’t know what else to do.

I have had similar “twists” and when I explain to the bill collector they agree it is totally unfair and not to worry. Just cross off the bill. Then several months later I get a letter to put it in writing!!! Why would I make something like that up. They should have been sued for not providing services not done before trying to strong arm me for money when I am still sick!!! Good Luck to you.

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