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Pain Management

Posted by @joshmeyers, Nov 4, 2011

Car Accident in early 2008, I put my hand in front of my face as the Air Bag deployed. ER diagnosed as muscle/tendon/tissue damage. Family DR and I have done Xray Studies showing the rapidly progressing Arthritis at the thumb.

Currently Taking Mobic / Meloxicam and it works (1-2 per day as needed, not everyday). Orthopedic Surgeon has recommended in Civil Litigation Deposition to stop the Mobic/Meloxicam and take Injections such as Cortisone.

I have no side effects from Mobic/Meloxicam and am not addicted to it (I can come off of it at will if need be). Cortisone has a side effect of swelling and pain for 1-2 days after injection which would limit my work on computers.

With all of that info, would you continue with Mobic/Meloxicam or would you take the Injections?

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Posted by @poppop, Nov 7, 2011

On the cortisone you will only be able to take it for so long then stop to prevent muscle and bone damage from it. I had to stop it for i had been taking it for a while.


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Posted by @petere, Sep 9, 2012

I wouldn’t take Mobic. My stomach is too sensitive.

I had a broken thumb once (did I mention I type every day all day for a living?), and I found the following product to be quite helpful. It helped ease the pain while restricting motion but allowed just enough movement so that I could type as much as I needed to without risking further injury. I don’t know if this is the exact same one but it looks extremely similar:

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