Pain killers and independence

Posted by pfbacon @pfbacon, Oct 11, 2018

At what point do we have to go into a hospice situation? Some of you mention opioid implants and morphine sulfates and other prescription pain meds that make people sleepy … can you still drive and live on your own? Do we have to get caretakers or go into hospice when we start needing those medications? The neuropathy that I have is rapidly getting worse and I wonder how long I can last on my own. My husband is older than me and not physically able to take care of me. Thank you for input. I will also ask my doctor but she's young and I'm getting worse faster than anything in her textbooks. Peggy

Hi Peggy @pfbacon, I'm sorry you are having so much pain. You ask a lot of questions that I am sure most of us worry about. I'm not sure anyone is able to answer them. Each of us is different and are affected differently by medications and different treatments.

May I ask how your neuropathy was diagnosed and what type of neuropathy you have?


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