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pain in stomach and doctors don't know why

Posted by @help, Oct 12, 2013

I have had pain in the middle of my stomach for year an half now I have had my gallbladder out and appendix and 2 upper gi and colonoscopy nothing wrong the pain is a constant from the minute I wake up to when I go to bed. It has affected my work and home life any one know what’s wrong?



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Posted by @bjs03, Oct 31, 2013

It must be very frustrating and uncomfortable to live with pain every day. We can’t diagnose over the Internet but if you are interested in getting another opinion, you could click the “Request an Appointment” link in the banner above.

Terra Hobbs

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Posted by @terrahobbs9, Nov 9, 2013

I hade pain in my stomach and I would through up my food. I lost some weight. I went the docter and some test and found out my golblader was bade so I hade it out.but I still hade the stomach so now I have gastroparesis. It is when your stomach is parlize and your food stits in your stomach that why you have pain

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