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pain in one testicle

Posted by @jay2022, Aug 29, 2011

Hi There,
I have a pain in left side testicle since1 week and I had a fever two times in a week. Can you please advice me what to do? or what kind of doctor I need to see and is there any type of blood test to be done to make sure that it is not any sign of prostate cancer or prostate enlargement?
I am foreginer and living here in US for last 10 years, I am vegetarian.

I greatly appreciate your advice/ inputs.

thank you much.




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Posted by @chinna123, Nov 30, 2012

Jay@ How are you doing now ?

I have similar problem, pain in my right testicle and painful urination for 2 weeks.

Please, let me know … How your treatment went ? It would help me .. Thanks in advance!

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