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Pain in feet

Posted by @kschuetz, Dec 3, 2011

I am new to PD and wonder if foot pain is common. I am in the very early stages and feel the gait slowness is caused by this and not muscle rigidity. I can bend my foot, toes, ankles etc with ease, however when first standing the pain is intense and seems to travel. I have foot inserts for my shoes and sometimes they help and sometimes not. Anyone else?????



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Posted by @corde, Oct 20, 2012

I was diagnosed with PD a little over a year ago and still trying to sort it all out. In addition to other PD symptoms, I experience chronic and periodic muscle spasms and pain in all my limbs, including my feet, ankles and toes, which does impact my my balance and ease of walking. I don’t know how common this PD symptom is. My impression is that PD is very much a “designer” disease, and PD symptoms, their onset, intensity and effect, vary widely from person to person. Not much help, I’m afraid, but I hope it helps to know you are not alone.

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