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Pain during urination on my lower right side- 3+ yrs now

Posted by @yjohnson, Apr 16, 2012

I’m here to ask a question about my own health. 3 years ago I was urinating and I was in a hurry. I was bearing down, trying to pee faster so I could go do something else. While doing so, I felt something burst inside me in my right mid section. It knocked me to my knees in pain! Then after a 1/2 hr or so I couldn’t detect it. About a week later, I did the same thing, in a rush I felt something burst inside, a breath taking, knock me to the floor pain. Ever since, and this has been 3+ years now, I take my time and slowly urinate and every time my right side hurts. It’s a sharp pain and some times it lingers more than others. It wasnt always daily, but close, and its grown to everytime i pee now. Right now I’m at about 20 mins with still a dull ache and that’s why I got on this website.
It’s not a urinary infection, it’s not a kidney stone. I went to one urologist that gave me a different diet and told me to drink more water, pee often, stay away from coffee/tea and don’t strain to pee. I felt stupid going because I didn’t really feel like she addressed a dam thing with “me”. I was thrown a bunch of generalized band aids and that was it. My concern, it didn’t use to be a daily pain and now it’s gotten to be every time I go it hurts. Tonight it was bad! This may sound weird but i wonder if i have an internal leak inside? Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong with me?



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Posted by @anonymous2008, Jun 19, 2012

Right Inguinal Hernia. See your urologist, get a CT scan and practice relaxing the pelvic muscle when urinating to prevent further damage.

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