Pain after ejaculation

Posted by danny9 @danny9, Feb 24, 2020

I've had this this issue ever since I was a teenager I believe. Sometimes (maybe once every 1-3 months on average although sometimes multiple times a month too) after I ejaculate, from masturbating (usually like 20 to 30 minutes after) I have the strong urge to pee. So anyway I always go and pee to relieve myself and that is fine, but then when I am done I still have a rather painful urge to pee but nothing more comes out. This sensation tends to last for roughly an hour or so and makes doing anything other than sitting on the toilet during this time particularly uncomfortable. Has anyone else experienced this before, or perhaps has an insight into what my issue may actually be?

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Hi @danny9 that must be frustrating to have this pain. Have you ruled out a urinary tract infection or any possible STI's?

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