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Posted by @mamawkk in Heart & Blood Health, Dec 6, 2012

Hi, I'm a 54 yr old female with PAD. In March 2011 I had an Arteriogram and stent placed in my femoral artery in my left leg, the pain subsided for about 6 month's. I just had test and found out that the stent is occluded and I have more occlusions in the same artery, all of my branch arteries in the leg are occluded too. I went to a Cardiologist this time instead of the Vascular Surgeon(just don't like him) I have been having arm numbness and ocassional chest pain. The Cardio say's there is a 40% chance that they can restent but I may need Bypass. The thing is he is saying that PAD is not dangerous and I don't have to do any thing but will have pain. I think they gave me the nuttiest Cardio in the group. I need some input on this PLEASE. I have researched and do know that doing nothing can cause problems with other organs, Is PAD dangerous and what should I do? I have no medical insurance and the first stent procedure was $50,000.00, including test and Doctors.


Posted by @majd1234, Jan 27, 2013

Ask for emergency Medicare or Medicaid it will help if u r a citizen , it will help with ur bills


Posted by @msboni, Feb 19, 2013

Of course PAD Is Dangerous ! It is Poor Circulation ! Clean Diet, good exercise, a GOOD Dr can help you. Get on some assistance ! Vascular Disease is Both preventable and reverse able in many cases. Once a stent is placed however you can end up with another problem, Scar Tissue tends to grow, concluding the stent, seek out a good Interventionalist


Posted by @msboni, Feb 19, 2013

That was supposed to read "occluding" the stent

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