Pacemaker surgery

Posted by kneadmuscles53 @kneadmuscles53, Jan 9, 2022

I had pacemaker surgery last week. I called the cardiologist's office to ask the nurse what to do for swelling in hand, upper, and lower arm from intravenous site, with throbbing ache. She said apply warm compresses and it will subside, but very slowly. I will see the surgeon 7 days after surgery, but meantime, every time I wear a sling to immobilize arm, the swelling stays the same. Today on day 6, the ache is almost gone. Has anyone had experience with this?

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Kneadmuscles53, it may be that wearing the sling and bending your arm is affecting the circulation because of bending the arteries and veins. My dad had a pacemaker. I know that it is important to keep the elbow straight when there is an IV in a vein in the crook of the elbow because it cuts off the flow of the IV. Have you tried using a pillow to elevate the arm with it straightened? That could help excess fluid drain downward toward the heart. Don't hesitate to further contact your surgical team if you have more questions.

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