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Pacemaker insertion

Posted by @bevtar98 in Heart & Blood Health, Mar 5, 2012

I am scheduled to have a pacemaker inserted as I have bradycardia and atrial fibrililation. Can anyone tell me about their experience. Thanks!


Posted by @connie4, Mar 6, 2012

I was at mayo in 2005 had a septal myectomy. I had an icdut in in Milwaukee last year. It took a while to get used to felt like jello til it settled. Feels real funny at first. Good luck


Posted by @chuckchev27, May 19, 2012

i have gone from a pacemaker to a defibrillator plus a couple of stents. I am very glad that i did this. you will get used to it.


Posted by @roxie43, Apr 26, 2012

My mom is scheduled to have one inserted in June what can you tell me about the procedure?


Posted by @jackr, Apr 30, 2012

I have had a pacemaker for about 6 years. l am thankful to God that there is such a thing as the pacemaker. I wouldn't be here without it. They will test it every so often, sometimes over the phone, and sometimes in the office. They can tell when it needs replacing. I am on my second one. .


Posted by @jackr, Apr 30, 2012

Sorry, I am Jean. Jack is my husband.

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