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P.A.D Periphereal Artery Disease

Posted by @dogwithem in Heart & Blood Health, Nov 10, 2011

Just wondering who else has this fun disease and what your trials and experiences have been. I was diagnosed with it 4 1/2 years ago and have had a femoral artery replaced in both legs at that time. I've been on Warafin since then and I seem to be prone to occlusions in my right fem pop graft. I've had 5 of them in the past 1 1/2 years. All in the same spot, even though I have been on Warafin and don't smoke any more. The occlusions just come out from no where. I've had a doppler exam done twice with the results being fine, and the very next day I'm at the emergency room with a totally occluded artery. Always in the same leg, and the same spot. I'm scheduled to have my right graft replaced in a month or two as the VA surgeons think that the graft is bad and that may be why I'm having so many problems. Plus the fact that the grafts are artificial ones. But, they also tell me that I can plan on having the graft replaced a few times in my life time and probably end up having the leg amputated below the knee. Which I don't mind since I've always wanted to be a pirate with a wooden leg, eye patch and a parrot on my shoulder 🙂 Anyone else out there with a similar situation? Ron

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Posted by @gkent, Nov 10, 2011

I'm one of those ultrasound techs (student, graduate in Dec) who assess PAD. I love your upbeat attitude about being a pirate! It's great that you stopped smoking! Sorry your graft is acting up and I hope the replacement will do better for you...


Posted by @dogwithem, Nov 10, 2011

Thanks for the reply gkent. I have to have an upbeat attitude, otherwise I'd worry about every little thing and end up sick. Besides I'll save money in the long run. Only need 1 sock and 1 shoe. No toe nails to trim. And once it gets cut off I shouldn't have to worry about pain in my toes or calve anymore. One surgeon told me that even if my graft occludes after my leg is amputated that I won't have to worry about it or have it repaired. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is maybe I should have the leg chopped off now. What do you think?? Actually only kidding. I still have to walk a mile for a Camel cigarette, so I can kick Joe Camels' butt when I get there. Hope you remember that commercial. Ron


Posted by @redbran, Nov 26, 2012

I have just recently been diagnosed with Buergers disease, a form of PAD. I have quit smoking which with the right attitude and help from a drug is easy for me to do. Has anyone been diagnosed with " Buegers Disease" recently? It's is November 25,2012.


Posted by @angelagaravalia, Nov 15, 2011

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension over a year ago and I was on oxygen all of the time but since my doctor prescribed Ravatio which I take 3 times a day and I am on a low sodium diet which I know that I will have to follow for the rest of my life. If it wasn't for the doctors at Mayo clinic I would not be here today.


Posted by @chood, Dec 12, 2011

Hi Ron.
Thank you for posting here and thank you for your bravery. Its what everyone really wants to have, but we wonder if we really do. The thing abou bravery is that there isn't a way to find out if its in you until you are faced with a giant. Thanks for your courage. It fuels others to be courageous.
I am in the process of trying to define what is going on with me. I think I have it narrowed down to a few possibilities: Renaulds, Buergers or peripheral artery disease
I can barely be on my feet for more than 15 mins without needing to sit down. Hands and feet are painful, numb and discolored. Ive had health issues with my immune system, muscles and joints, since I was 30 and am now 55. Ive been self employed so I haven't had the funds to do the research to try to pinpont this issue other than some blood tests. But the pain in my hands and feet is a new issue and has been increasing over the past year and a half.
My prayers are with you as you seek to tame this disease and keep your heart and your head above it.


Posted by @dogwithem, Jan 27, 2012

Hi Cindy. Sorry it took so long to reply. I had surgery (again) Dec. 9th and they replaced the fake graft in my right leg with my sapphenous vein. Ended up with a nice scar from the middle of my calf to my belly button. Hopefully you'll never have to go through the same. The quickest way to check for PAD is a ABI blood pressure test. They simple measure the pressure difference between your arms and the pressure in your legs. If it isn't in the right range then they'll have you take a doppler exam where they can actually see the blood flow and pressure with a machine. Neither of these tests hurt and they don't take more than about 30 minutes. I was self employed also but I was able to have my first set of surgeries and doctors visits paid for thru the state of Florida. The Dept. of Education had some kind of program where they would pay for the surgery based on the fact that if they could cure me I'd end up still being able to work and there for be productive and still pay taxes. Worked for me. I'd search around as there are all jkinds of programs that will cover the medical costs. Try applying for SSI and the Medicare program will cover your medical costs. If nothing else if you go to the emergency room and your artery is occluded then they'll perform an Angiojet treatment to clear the blockage. That's a minimal invasive proceedure where they put a tube in your Femoral Artery in your groin and clear the blockage using drugs and a minature vacuum to suck out the clot. Don't lose hope. There are programs out there to help. Just don't be too proud like I was at first to simple look and ask. Good luck and I hope you get some relief as I know how much this whole thing can hurt. Most of all keep a positive attitude. I always feel that I'm better off than some other poor bastard that may be in a worse situation than me 🙂 PS. If you smoke, and I hope you don't. Then quit. If you don't then all the medicine and surgies won't help you as the artery will just clog back up in a real short time. Like days. Not years or weeks. Ron


Posted by @snits, Jan 27, 2012

Hi Ron,
I was diagnosed with PAD in 2002 and had a double stent put in the iliac artery
in my right leg. After that I could do a five mile walk with ease. Now here we are 10 years later and I am undergoing more tests and workups due to terrible pain when walking and severe leg cramping in the upper part of my legs, front and back. Needless to say I can't walk a long distance anymore. I have an ABI scheduled for Monday the 30th of JAN.. Had 4 tubes of blood taken today, so will be curious as to the outcome. I'll stay in touch. Hope you will get some relief soon, whatever it may be. Take care..


Posted by @dogwithem, Jan 27, 2012

Hi Snits. Hope that is a funny nick name 🙂 Hopefully your ABI test comes back good. At least you made it 10 years before it started acting up again. Maybe they'll be able to clear it with Angiojet treatment. I've had about 5 of those. If you don't know about it. It is a minor invasive procedure where they put a tube in your Femoral artery in your groin and clear any blockage with drugs and then suck out the debris with a minature vacuum in the tube. Exspensive as all hell though. About $99,000.00 each time for the 2 1/2 hour procedure. Or maybe they'll just replace the stent with another and you'll be all set for another 10 years. I wish I was so lucky. I just had another major surgery done this Dec. 9th. This time they replace the fake graft in my right leg and used my sapphenous vein in it's place. Ended up with a huge scar from the middle of my calf to my belly button. Over 68 staples and stitches (which I ended up removing myself since the VA was taking too long because of the holidays). Wish you the best and like I said, hopefully they'll just give you another stent. One last thing which I'm sure you've already heard. If you smoke QUIT. All it will do is clog your artery back up again within a matter of days and not tears or weeks. I saw a couple of guys when I was in the VA hospital that had surgery and went home only to be right back in a few days later with the same clogged artey from smoking. Good Luck and keep a positive attitude. Ron

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