Posted by pkayh @pkayh, Nov 29, 2018

Have any of you been advised to use oxygen for shortness of breath?

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@pkayh…I was prescribed oxygen when the walk-around-the-office test showed O2 levels in the 80's. Since I always had pulse ox test sitting down, no one noticed a decrease until my acupuncturist noticed from my face that I wasn't getting enough, so I asked for a test. It was very helpful during the active infection times and I was able to get housework done. Once I got the infections treated and diagnosis of Bronchiectasis caused by acid reflex and took drastic measures to manage it, I was able to prove I didn't need O2 anymore. It took 6 months of daily readings and an overnight test to prove I could do without it.
It is worth the effort of taking the tests to find out whether you need it or not.


@pkayh Hi Pat. Has your pulmonologist performed ant tests to see if you need supplimental oxygen?


@pkayh, It would be a good idea to purchase your own pulse oxometer to keep tabs on your oxygen levels. You can order one online for $21.00.

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