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Episodes of nausea and feeling: gastroparesis

Posted by @tracyn, Oct 13, 2012

Over the past year I had several episodes of nausea and feeling weak. Each episode only lasted one day. Then 3 months ago I woke up feeling terrible. I was nauseated, constant burping, bloating and had pains in my chest and felt lightheaded. I saw my PCP who thought it might be my gallbladder. After an ultrasound and HIDA scan it was ruled out. The symptoms continued and I also began to experience pain in my back which was sometimes under my shoulder blades and sometimes my lower back or up and down my spine. I felt too sick to work and was home for 6 weeks. After numerous blood test for ciliac disease and H pilori, which were all neg.,, stool cultures, etc. I was referred to a gastroenterologist. He did a colonscopy and scoped and biopsied my stomach and small intestine, as well as an ultrasound of my pancreas, liver and gallbladder from inside my stomach. Everything was negative. I was put on a diet (foolds easy to digest) and was to have the gastric emptying test 30 days later. I improved a great deal on the diet so the GI doc dx me with gastroparesis. Most of the time I felt ok but continued to have back pain and bloating. Over the past couple of weeks my syptoms have all returned despite following the strict diet. Most days I force myself to go to work and get through the day although I am not very productive. The back pain is constant and the lightheadedness is so bothersome. I am frustrated and so ready to fell better again. The only medication I am taking is Prilosec and I’m not sure it is beneficial. Not sure what the next step should be. the GI doctor told me my back pain and lightheadedness had nothing to do with the gastroparesis. After listening to others with this disease I found out they had the same syptoms I do. Its nice to know because I was beginning to think I was crazy.


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