Over the last seven years it has become apparent that I have [...]

Posted by TashinaF @tashina, Jun 6, 2015

Over the last seven years it has become apparent that I have seizures when I have over exhausted myself. Other symptoms have developed such as limping on my right leg, slurring of my speech, mental inability to comprehend things, difficulty remembering things and loss of balance or coordination. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a few years ago and was prescribed Keppra for the seizures by a neurologist last year. However as I noted the Keppra removed an extra fuzz or buzzing in my head allowing me to remain calmer than before it still doesn’t prevent me from having seizures when I’ve over exhausted myself. My gut feeling is my seizures won’t completely disappear until I maintain a regular diet full of variety and nutrition. A garden could be all I need but my curiosity toward the state of my exhaustion. I have lived my life on store bought foods both fresh and canned. My findings are the salts/sodium in canned foods, pig meats and processed foods give me headaches that turn into migraines and a reduced appetite. Hence I have faced many years dealing with starvation and running off of adrenaline even for basic daily chores and activities. Another thing I have noticed is my mental state of being seems to have been greatly hindered given all this, and I’m wondering just how much. Sure I don’t expect to be perfect but I would like some idea of what’s happened to me.

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