Ovarian Cancer Concern

Posted by jaydoug2021 @jaydoug2021, Mar 15 6:45pm

I found one lymph node swollen under my armpit and a lump. I was prescribed antibiotics for it. While waiting for the lymph node swelling to go down, five swollen lymph nodes were found near my groin. One on the right side and four on the left side. The lymph node swelling under my arm subsided. However, the swellings near my groin have not. My obgyn wants to do an ultrasound. She wants to rule out ovarian cancer. All of my testing has come back negative. I have not had the CA125 test. Ever since she stated cancer my mind has been on over drive. I have been so worried. Prior to my visit, I had no symptoms. Now my stomach feels bloated. I am urinating frequently and I am having muscle aches. I don’t know if I am experiencing side effects from the Dulcolax I took two days ago, I have anxiety, or if these symptoms are being caused by an underlying concern. Am I being a worry wart?

Let’s wait for the ultrasound and let’s see if they want to biopsy one of the lymph nodes in the groin.
Take a breath, I have been through something similar but a little different. I know the feeling when they say cancer. But she said rule it out, so go with that.
Thinking of you as you go through this. You are not alone, a whole community out here for if you need it %, keep us posted.

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