Outer Thigh numbness, tingling and burning

Posted by mrcapri @mrcapri, Nov 29, 2017

Hi…I had an anterior right hip replacement on 10/25/17……5 weeks home I can easily get around on a cane and now no cane…I am a healthy 67 year old male with no other health issues……My concern however is that my outer thigh on the repaired leg is still very numb and tingles and sometimes burns….I can feel deep pain underneath the skin if massaged and I’m just concerned if this condition of numbness will go away or am I going to have this forever…I also have swelling and hardness to the right of the incision which is also troublesome to me…Am I expecting too much too soon?

Yes. You are expecting too much, in my opinion. This is something you can discuss with your Doctor. But everyone is different. 5 weeks is not enough time to be fully healed. They say that if everything goes smoothly it can take about a year to fully recover from THR.You have nothing to worry about.unless you develop a fever, redness, swelling or excruciating pain that appears for no reason.


I have similar pain after 2.5 years. I am on 300mg gabapentine x2 per day,sometimes x3. Started Diclofenac er 100mg two weeks ago,it is helping. Hot and cold packs help. It hurts if I excercise too much. I go for slow walks for about .5 hrs with a walking stick and Aqua exercises 2 to 3 times a week.

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