Our Caretakers are Our Hero’s

Posted by Steve @hoppy, Feb 9, 2018

To all our caretakers:

Many of us are starting treatment,are in the middle of Treatment,nearing the end of treatments or have completed treatment.

All of us owe our caretakers a debt we can never repay.

You were by our side when we got the news we had cancer. You cried with us and spent oh so many sleepless nights wondering “What Next?”

You love us unconditionally….

You held us when we were scared all the while you were just as scared.

You believed in us and encouraged us and refused to give up on us repeatedly saying “You will beat this!”

Some of us beat this and some of us were called home to Heaven for our Divine Healing.

But none of us couldn’t have done either without your loving attention for which we are thankful for.

In closing to all Caretakers you are 210% our Rock.

We Thank You and We Love You.

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