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Posted by @williamveale, Apr 16, 2012

I am desperate for relief from nerve damage after a back operation. Has anyone had a situation whereby the nerve(s) were damaged during a back surgery that then left me with a burning/tingling sensation down both sides of my thighs starting at my hips and migrating downward to just right under my knees? What has been your treatment and who did you see?

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Posted by @piglit, Apr 21, 2012

Hi welcome to our community. I haven’t had nerve damage in my back, but have in my neck due to a work related injury. The 6-7 discs were involved. I lost sensation./ feeling down my right arm. I found that physio and acupunture has helped me and pain relief when necessary.Please go back and see the surgeon and see if he can suggest anything for you Take care Piglit

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